In honor of reaching the major milestone of 100 closed affiliate deals on their flagship online casino with bitcoin, Stable Tech N.V. has chosen to thank its partners by sending out 100 gift packages containing “golden coins”. This gesture is an expression of gratitude for all those taking part in this accomplishment. At the start of this month, 100 Coinslotty branded gift packages were sent out from Stable Tech’s offices, the company reported this morning via AP News.

The gift box, made from recycled black colored paper and tied down with a purple ribbon, contains three special items for all 100 affiliates that have been onboarded in the past four months. Inside is a made-to-order Medieval style pouch filled with hand painted chocolate coins. Alongside this there is also a branded Apple AirTag with an UV printed CoinSlotty logo on top. Gift packages will be sent out to some of the partners’ offices, while the remainder will be handed out personally at ICE 2023.

Coinslotty Bag of Gold Campaign - the opened box

Coins From Artisan Chocolate Makers

To demonstrate the appreciation to their partners, Stable Tech searched across Europe for the finest artisanal chocolate makers. Choco Concept, the premier artisan chocolate creators from Croatia, have crafted stunning golden coins with Coinslotty logo that were brushed to perfection by hand. Based in Opatija’s coastal cityscape and having launched in 2011, Croatian Choco Concept is celebrated for their involvement in several artistic projects around the country, most notably Baška Tablet and Molecular Chocolate, both of which garnered recognition domestically and in Europe.

To begin the process of creating the perfect 1 oz. chocolate gold coin, a 3D design was created to get a feel for what the final product would look like and to accurately measure the size and proportions needed. A custom silicone mold was then crafted. The coins needed to reflect a luxurious and high-quality design, so the artisans made sure that each piece had a diameter of 44 mm and a height of 5 mm. To give it an even more realistic gold coin look, they made each piece weigh between 9 and 10 grams. A 40% cocoa Belgian chocolate was used because it offered just the right balance between sweetness and purity, resulting in an exquisite flavor with every bite.

Coinslotty Bag of Gold Campaign - the Golden Coin

Leather Pouch For Chocolate Gold Coins

The leather pouch was made in the little Croatian city of Samobor by a skilled leatherworker who has been perfecting his trade for years and has a specialty in producing one-of-a-kind cowhide products.

Each pouch was meticulously crafted with heavy-duty scissors, numerous industrial machinery, and three distinct types of materials: synthetic leather, cowhide, and a golden string. It took about an hour of hard work to construct one bag, which measures about 32 cm in circumference and weighs about 100 grams. The purse contains 45 coins that have been gently arranged inside, and the golden thread adds an added touch of elegance.

The team at Samobor worked together to produce these pouches under very strict quality control guidelines. Every single piece had to pass the scrutiny of their most experienced craftsperson before it could be shipped off to customers. The attention to detail was paramount, and no two bags are alike; they were all uniquely handcrafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Coinslotty Bag of Gold Campaign - the branded AirTag

AirTags For Tracking The Success Of Coinslotty Partners

An AirTag is a small device from Apple designed to track and locate items or people; in this case, to track the success of Coinslotty partners! Laser engraving and UV printing were tested to bring out the best of the product and logo, and UV printing was the way to go. Not only does it look great, but it also increases the durability of the product, providing a long-lasting finish.

Nestled securely within a custom sponge mold, the AirTag is attached to a black Belkin carabiner. This carabiner has a snap-and-lock design which ensures that the AirTag always stays in place thanks to its sturdy metal loop and spring-loaded gate. The raised edges of its secure holder protect against dings and scratches while still allowing both sides of the AirTag to be visible, so any personalization can be easily seen.

A great feature of this carabiner is that it’s not only secure but also convenient, as it can be quickly attached to any item in no time at all. Its strong construction makes sure that AirTag stays safe no matter where it goes or how much wear and tear it may receive over time, making it an ideal choice for this type of application.

Sustainability Was In Mind From The Outset

The box is an artistic piece, made of recycled materials and is specifically ordered to fit the bag properly. It includes a special foam pocket for the customized AirTag that has already been pre-fitted onto the carabiner. The black matte hue lends an exquisite touch to the overall package, and two powerful magnets are fitted on each end of the box to keep it closed until someone decides they need a snack. A gorgeous purple ribbon completes the presentation, complementing the unique Coinslotty insignia.

A Not So Common Gesture In This Industry has also joined the extensive list of Coinslotty Partners already at the end of last year, we also published our review that you can find here: Coinslotty Casino Review. From our experience within the industry, companies rarely this far in their gifting campaigns – you mostly get a USB stick, water bottle or some similar gimmick that was quickly assembled by their marketing team. We hope the team at Coinslotty stays as creative as this and we can’t wait for their next milestone 🙂 Some of the photos of our package are below:

What’s Next for the Brand?

We talked with the team and found out a bit about their future on the casino market. After this milestone, it seems the crew has their sights set on Twitch, one of the most well-known live streaming platforms in the world. Twitch offers a perfect platform to broaden the audience and strengthen the presence in the gaming sector thanks to its emphasis on video games, esports events, and creative content. To do this, it is planned to assemble a committed group of Twitch partners who will be essential to Coinslotty’s daily streams. Coinslotty wants to build a thriving community that supports the brand name and can capitalize on the success of affiliate websites through the network of streams. The ultimate objective is to not only develop the brand within the streaming community but also to give current fans new opportunities to interact with it while enticing new users to sign up.